So far SOOOOO great! 

WOW! I am so happy about this year's music and adventures I've gotten to experience!

Thank you all for showing support during my gigs and encouraging me to keep on playing, it motivates me beyond words and fuels my fire and inspiration for music.

Soon and very soon I will have my first album out, and can't wait to share my originals with all of you!
Feel free to email me too anytime about songs you may wanna hear and I can load it to my Youtube page or even personally put it on my Facebook page for you. 

Also, Cosmo's ,Cobalt , Manci's  and now The Sanbar you guys really are so great, customers are super sweet, and the servers and bartenders, well you guys make me feel like family every time I get to play at your establishment. I am seriously so grateful for you all, every kind word that you say toward me really does resonate in my ears, so thank you all again so much!

Well I'm outsies for today and I'll catch you guys later!

Don't forget to live today to the fullest! 

Summer Time has Arrived! 

It has arrived the moment we have all been waiting for, SUMMER
Music is booming around town at almost every bar and restaurant there many concerts coming to the Wharf in Orange Beach too, which means more people from all over to visit and fill up our tiny little gem of a town.

I have gotten to play at some new venues already as well! Last week was my first time playing at the SanBar in Orange Beach at the SanRoc Cay, it was lovely, and the people there were so great and complimentary, made me feel very welcome!
I have also gotten a chance to play at the new restaurant at the wharf, Montego's, another snazzy spot to sing some tunes, with a nice view of the canal and some beautiful yachts!

If you follow my Facebook or Twitter or even my website, come and try to find me out and about either playing music or even for some coffee!

I'll see you guys around, thanks for be you!

T-MINUS Two weeks one day til HANGOUT FESTIVAL 2016! 

So ready for this weekend of inspiration coming up! Foals and Florence + the Machine and BØRNS and Silversun Pickups, OH MY!
I'm not sure if you other musicians get a burst of excitement about seeing others play live but it's something that I look forward to more than many things!
But anyways that is a couple weeks away and I'm stoked, I'm also looking at it as a mini vacay, much needed too! 

Also keep looking out for my album this summer, it's still a little ways away but I'll keep you posted =)

I have already had so much fun playing my set gigs at
Cosmos in Orange Beach every Sunday, goodness the managers and bartenders and servers really do know how to make me feel happy every time I get to play there, and not to mention the customers are just fantastic. I can't wait for Luna's and Buzzcatz to open up next door, you can guarantee most of my future blogs will be done sitting in Buzzcatz sippin' on a delicious americano!

You all stay true to you, whatever that may be. 

You only get one life, so live it!

Music is in the air! 

Wow! I can't believe it's not even summer yet and already I have had the opportunity to play at two beautiful weddings, have a couple set gigs and still get to write a bit here and there. I am so thankful for this year's music adventures. Cinco De Mayo I get to play at Manci's in Fairhope, AL, which will be my first time there! 
I am so thankful to all my friends and even people who have encouraged me through email or Facebook, you all make me feel so inspired and help me to keep doing what I'm doing and want to do more, so thank you all!
If you haven't seen it yet try and subscribe to my youtube page, it's under brittanybellsings, here I have been working on posting covers of some of my favorite songs and will load at least 2 new ones a week, and suggestions for songs to hear is always something I appreciate! Well now some time to practice a bit, catch you all later!

My life, my world. 

Hey.  I'm Brittany Bell.  I'm a hippie at heart with a nomadic tendency to scour the countryside looking for cool venues and people.  I'm excited to have just signed with Baldwin County Public Records and am releasing my self titled debut album this Summer 2016! Produced and mixed by Anthony Crawford (Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakam) at Admiral Bean Studio and mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound, Manitoba, CA.  Look for me on tour this Summer and if you want me in your town, let me know!  Love, love and more love. ~Brittany